Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spiffy Luvs Max

I was perusing the Fangoria/Creation site today and discovered that Max Brooks will be attending the L.A. Weekend of Horrors and hosting the Night of the Living Dead panel on Sunday! This gives me great joy because Max Brooks is one of the nicest people I've met in all my "carnie" years.

Max attended Zombiefest here in October of last year and as luck would have it, he was set up right across the aisle from my table. I had Spiffy with me that Sunday to hawk her cards and drum up donations for the Animal Rescue League. People who like dogs are usually drawn to dogs, and Max, himself a dog-lover, came over, introduced himself to Spiffy, proclaimed her to be thirsty, and proceeded to pour water from his fresh bottle into her bowl. Spiffy introduced me to Max and we chatted about dogs.

Anyone who's nice to Spiffy (or any of my furkids) wins my heart forever. We luv Max. I can even overlook that zombie-hating thing.


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