Monday, May 05, 2008

Saturday Surprise

My Saturday morning ritual typically involves drifting around the house in my PJs, drinking coffee and watching a horror movie from my own tiny collection, Netflix or TV. It's my favorite way to start the weekend, a habit begun and lovingly nurtured in my childhood, immersing myself in Chiller Theater's weekly offering of schlocky horror. As I perused the meager choices on Comcast, I natually found myself in FearNet and realized I'd already gone through most of the movies (good and bad) there. My beloved Fido was on, but I have the DVD and I was in the mood to see something new, or, at least, new to me. I went to the "Zombies" menu and spotted the title "Romero Dead Films." I clicked on it.


It was our FearNet interviews from Texas Frightmare Weekend! I loathe seeing myself on screens, small or large, but it was fun watching because it was unexpected. The piece is only eight minutes long, but there are interview segments with Judy O'Dea, Russ Streiner, John Russo, Michelle Morgan, Tom Savini, Pedro Arce, Shawn Roberts, Antone DiLeo, Robert Joy, Howard Sherman and Joe Pilato. It's supposed to be available through June 30, so catch it before it leaves forever!


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