Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Nothing, really

In just a few weeks 2007 will come to an end and I just can't wait to kiss it goodbye. It doesn't really deserve a kiss; maybe I'll just flip it off instead. Or maybe I'll stab it, bury it, and dance on its grave. The important thing is, it'll be over, never to return. I know 2008 will be a vast improvement over 2007, and I'm looking forward to it with almost a sense of desperation.

El Gato Gordo got sick two weeks ago and had to have surgery for bladder stones. The dry prescription diet he's been on the last few years has evidently not done its job. My vet and I have changed his diet to primarily canned food (prescription) and I'm hoping for a more successful outcome than his dry diet provided. It may also be better for weight control. (God knows he needs that!) He seems to be feeling really good now; he's much more playful than he was before.

Last Friday morning I got into my car to go to work and the car refused to move forward or backward. Why? Because it was sitting on four flat tires. There were small slices the size of a knife-tip visible in each sidewall. A roving band (or perhaps just a duo) of morons was out that night, merrily slicing its way through the neighborhood. I presume it was not an individual; that sort of thing is probably much more entertaining when one has an audience. They got one tire on a car across the street and at least four cars around the corner. It's yet another reason I want to flush 2007 and (almost) everyone in it down the cosmic commode.

The good news is that now everyone here is healthy. Spiffy and Dimitri just shared a brief kiss and all is well with the world. 2008 will be fabulous. It will. You'll see.